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Getting started with the Android Open Pwn Project

Getting Started

Booting your AOPP device for the first time and looking for some guidance?

Here is everything you want to do before using your device.


  1. Complete the Setup Wizard
  2. Take any available OTA updates
  3. Install any optional services (Google play)
  4. Install any desired apps - See: Recommended Apps
  5. Complete Pwnix Environment Setup
  6. Take any available Pwnix Environment Updates

Platform Context


AOPP - Android open pwn project; the Andriod ROM/Operating System that the device is running

Pwnix Environment - our custom version of Kali that lives inside a chroot on the android host

Receiver Host - Kali host machine

SuperSU - App allowing for fine grained root permission control

Things to be aware of

Google Play Services are optional and are not pre-installed. For the best results, install google play services ASAP.

The Pwnix environment is not pre-installed. Px Apps are built in will be enabled once a valid Pwnix environment is detected by AOPP.

Setup Wizard

After turning the device on for the first time it will boot you into the Setup Wizard. This will walk you through the steps required to get your AOPP device up and running.


  1. Pick your language
  2. Join your wireless network
  3. Configure CM Options
  4. Configure Location Services
  5. Set Date & Time

Pick a Language Next Step Connect to a wireless network Next Step Choose CM options Next Step Configure Location Services Next Step Configure Date & Time Next Step Splash Screen Next Step Homescreen

At this time you may also receive a notification for an available AOPP OTA. This should be completed before the Pwnix chroot environment setup. You can find information regarding AOPP OTA Updates here: Section:Updates.

Now what? Once you have gone through the process detailed above you will have a fully functioning Android device. However, notice there are no PX apps enabled on device at this time - this is because the Pwnix (Kali) chroot environment has not yet been installed.

AOPP will detect that your device does not have a Pwnix chroot environment and a notification will be spawned for you to start the installation process. You can do this at any time, but should be completed after taking any available OTA updates and optional services. Once completed you will have a fully functioning Pwn Pad / Pwn Phone.

Environment Setup


  1. Hit start on environment setup notification
  2. Complete download, hit continue
  3. Grant SuperSU Permisions -- You only have 10 seconds to do this once hitting continue!!
  4. Missed the SuperSU prompt? Reboot and try again.

  5. Wait for setup process to complete
  6. Reboot to finish

Don't see the environment setup notification? See: Troubleshooting.

Hit Continue on the download complete notification but down see the environment setup running? You missed the SUperSU prompts. Simply, reboot your device and retry.

Environment Setup Start Notification Next Step Download Kali chroot Environment Next Step Environment bundle download complete Next Step Grant SuperSU Permissions Next Step Setting up environmnet Next Step Restart to finish

After the download completes it will need to verify the download. After the download completes it may take a short while for the bundle to be verified in the background. Once it is verified, the start environment setup notification will be spawned.

After the device boots back into system you will be greeted with a Homescreen that now has folders on it as shown below:
Homescreen folders should include:

  • Network Tools
  • Wireless Tools
  • Attack Tools
  • Bluetooth Tools
  • Admin Tools

  • Directly after installing the environment you will be prompted to install any available Pwnix updates. For information regarding the Pwnix update process see this section.

    Installing Optional Services

    Google Play Services


    1. Pull down notification shade from top of screen fully and tap the gear icon to go to Settings
    2. From Settings tap Services
    3. Tap Add a service
    4. Tap Google Play Services
    5. Tap OK
    6. Wait for download to finish
    7. Tap now to reboot and finish installation

    Settings from Notification Shade Next Step Settings > Services Next Step Add Service Next Step Google Play Next Step Hit OK to Begin Next Step Downloading GAPPS Next Step Reboot to Install

    Recommended Apps

    Recommended Apps

    Navigation and Usage

    AOPP Homescreen

    For information regarding the one touch apps on the AOPP Homescreen (after the environment has been installed) see these pages:

    Android Basics

    Android Lollipop Quick Start Guide

    Notification Shade

    Swipe down from the top center of the screen twice to fully reveal the notification shade OR swipe from top right of screen to pull it down with one gesture.

    Notification shade

    From here you have:

    • Battery %
    • Shortcut to settings
    • User options
    • Screen Brightness slider
    • Wireless options
    • Bluetooth options
    • Data (SIM) options
    • Airplane mode toggle
    • Screen rotation toggle
    • Location services option
    • Audio options
    • Hotspot options
    • LiveDisplay options (auto white balance adjustment similar to Flux)


    Android allows for multiple apps to be running at once. To manage these apps there is a built in task manager. This can be opened by tapping the square soft key at the bottom of the device screen.

    With the task manager open you are able to:

    • Swipe (scroll) up / down to view all open apps
    • Tap on a window to open it
    • Tap on a window's X or swipe window left or right to close it

    Example: Browser app open, press square to open task manager and close the settings app

    Tap square to open task manager Next Step Task Manager Next Step Tap X to close OR or Slide window to close Next Step Settings app closed

    Pwnix Environment


    Staying up to date

    Android (AOPP)

    AOPP Updater is configured by default to automatically check for new AOPP updates; AOPP will automatically spawn a new notification when one is found. AOPP Updater supports a number of different sync scheduling options. Default is daily.

    From this notification you can download and install the update.

    AOPP OTA Update Notification


    1. Tap Download from notification
    2. Wait for download to complete
    3. Tap reboot to apply OTA

    AOPP OTA update notification Next Step Downloading Update Next Step Reboot to apply

    AOPP Updater

    You can also check for updates manually, as well as configure the check frequency from Settings > About > Aopp updates:


    1. Starting from Settings tap About
    2. Tap Aopp updates
    3. Tap the OTA update to download
    4. Tap update install the OTA

    Settings > About Next Step AOPP Updater Next Step List of Available OTAs Next Step Update to install

    To change the sync schedule for AOPP Updates simply choose the frequency from the Aopp Updater page:
    Update Check Frequency

    Pwnix Environment

    Pwnix environment updates have changed from previous versions of the Pwn Pad / Pwn Phone. AOPP is fully aware of the state of the Pwnix environment in place on device - including the version. Because of this it is able to check for and manage Pwnix updates automatically. When an update is made available you will receive a notification alerting you of the new Pwnix Environment update.

    From this notification you can download and install the update.

    Pwnix Update Notification


    1. Starting from the Pwnix Update Notification tap start
    2. After Terminal Emulator launches wait for the script to return

    Pwnix update notification Next Step Pwnix Updating Next Step Pwnix update complete

    Manually Check for Pwnix Update

    AOPP will automatically check for Pwnix updates daily (and on network connectivity change).

    If for some reason you are having issues with Pwnix updates you can force the sync manually: See Section:Troubleshooting.

    Third party Apps


    After installing Google Play Services Google Play will automatically download SuperSU updates for you when they become available.

    After it is downloaded, the SuperSU app will spawn a notification prompting for you to install the update.

    From SuperSU Update Notification


    1. Tap the SuperSU update notification ((#) icon)
    2. Tap Continue
    3. Tap NORMAL

    Automatically downloaded SuperSU update - Play Store Next Step Downloading Update Next Step Reboot to apply Next Step Reboot to apply

    Manually Updating SuperSU


    Factory Reset

    Android Host

    In the event that you would like to return your AOPP device back to its out of box state you can do so with the Factory Reset functionality built into AOPP.


    1. Starting from Settings tap Backup and Reset
    2. Tap Factory data reset
    3. Tap Reset Tablet to start factory reset

    Backup and Reset Next Step Factory Reset Next Step Reset Tablet

    Pwnix Chroot Environment

    Pwnix factory reset coming soon.