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How to install AOPP:

Installing ROM zip

Requirements: supported AOPP device, custom recovery (TWRP) installed on device, Host machine with adb and fastboot installed, USB cable

1. Navigate to Supported Devices, find your device and download the latest stable ROM zip.

2. Navigate to TWRP device list, find your device and download the latest recovery image.

3. After confirming your downloads were successful plug your device into your host machine via USB.

4. Power off the device and boot into the Bootloader:

    Press and hold the Power & Volume-Down buttons

5. Confirm the device is recognized by the host machine: (a device should be listed when the command returns)

    $ fastboot devices 

6. Unlock the device:

     $ fastboot oem unlock

7. Once unlocked, flash the Recovery image:

    $ fastboot flash recovery <name-of-recovery-image>.img

8. Once the Recovery image has been flashed, boot into Recovery from the Bootloader:

    Use the Volume-Down/Up buttons to cycle through the Bootloader options and then the Power button to select

9. If prompted, swipe “Swipe to Allow Modifications”.

10. Once in Recovery, wipe the device:

   Tap Wipe > Advanced Wipe > tap: Dalvik/ART cache, System, Cache, Data > swipe “Swipe to Wipe”

11. Once wiped, do NOT boot into System (You don't have one; you just wiped it). Tap the Home button to return to the Recovery home screen.

12. Confirm again the device is recognized by the host machine: (a device should be listed when the command returns)

    $ adb devices

13. From the host machine, push the downloaded AOPP ROM zip to the device sdcard:

    $ adb push <name-of-rom-zip>.zip /sdcard/

14. On device, tap Install and then select the AOPP ROM zip from /sdcard.

15. Swipe “Swipe to Confirm Flash”

16. Once installed, tap “Reboot System”

17. Hack the Gibson...and remember...hugs are worth more than handshakes

Upgrading Over-the-Air

PxUpdater (System Updates app) provides an upgrade path from older platforms to AOPP. In order to upgrade you must first ensure your device has the latest Pwnix update installed; this will ensure you have the latest version of PxUpdater, which will allow you to take the over-the-air (OTA) upgrade to AOPP.

If you are not on a previous generation Pwn Pad or Pwn Phone but do have supported hardware you can install from zip.

Upgrading to AOPP requires a full device wipe. Installing from recovery via ROM zip or installing via OTA both require the device to be wiped. Back up any meaningful data before proceeding with the AOPP upgrade.

Upgrade Preparation: Updating the old platform

From an older generation Pwn Pad / Pwn Phone first pull down the latest Pwnix environment update via the 1 touch update app in the Admin Tools folder on the Homescreen.

Alternatively you can open a root shell and enter:

    # cd /opt/pwnix/chef && ./

After confirming the device is on the latest Pwnix version, open the app drawer and locate the System Updates app.

This application will handle the download and upgrade process.


  1. From the Homescreen open the Admin Tools folder
  2. Tap Update
  3. Wait for update to complete

Having trouble updating? See Section:Troubleshooting.

Open Admin Tools folder Next Step Tap Update Next Step Start Pwnix Update Next Step Pwnix Environment Updated Successfully Next StepReboot

Upgrading to AOPP via OTA

After update and reboot:

  1. Open app drawer
  2. Open System Updates app
  3. Tap check for updates AND Grant PxUpdater SuperSU Root Permissions
  4. Locate AOPP Upgrade OTA in the list - should look something like
  5.     aopp-0.1-<DATE>-RELEASE-<DEVICE>.zip
  6. Start download and follow the on screen prompts

Ignore the pwnix-mobile.tar.gz - this is the regular chef update and will likely always be listed. Even if you are up to date. As long as you have run the one touch update and updated successfully then you are good to go to pull down the AOPP update.

Open App Drawer Next Step Open System Updates and tap "check for updates" Next Step Grant SuperSU Permissions Next Step AOPP upgrade OTA Next Step Start AOPP OTA download Next Step Downloading upgrade OTA Next Step Full device wipe warning Next Step WARNING Next Step rebooting to install

At this point you device will reboot into recovery, install the ROM and boot back into system. The device will power on to the AOPP Setup Wizard. See Section:Getting Started to set up your new AOPP device!

Building AOPP

Click here for build instructions