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Enabling/Disabling UI

AOPP devices with the Pwnix Environment installed can be configured from a local web UI. This service is not running by default and must be enabled.


  1. From the Homescreen tap the Admin Tools folder
  2. Tap the Pwnie UI On/Off app icon
  3. Confirm terminal emulator echos:
  4.     Starting nginx: nginx. 
        [!] Done

To disable the UI, simply launch the Pwnie UI On/Off application again.

Open Admin Tools Next Step Pwnie UI On/Off Next Step UI

Logging into UI

After enabling the UI you can now browse to it.

Note: connection must be made via HTTPS

From a browser on the AOPP device:


From a device on the same local network:


Note: you will be warned about an non-private https connection.

https warning

This is expected, proceed:


  1. Click Advanced on the warning from your browser
  2. Click Proceed
  3. Log into UI with default:

  4. Username:



click Advanced Next Step click Proceed Next Step Local UI Login page Next Step Local UI landing page

For information about using the UI see Local Web UI: Usage.

UI Usage

Coming Soon.