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Enabling/Disabling SSh

Via the one touch app SSh On/Off from the Admin Tools folder on the Homescreen you can start the SSh service to shell directly into the Pwnix chroot Environment.


  1. From Homescreen: open Admin Tools folder in bottom right
  2. From the Admin Tools folder: tap the SSh On/Off icon to open the app
  3. Confirm Terminal Emulator opens and echo's the system's IP

Homescreen: tap Admin Tools Next Step Tap SSh On/Off Next Step Terminal Emulator: SSh service started successfully

To disable the SSh service simply launch the one touch app SSh On/Off again.

Connecting to the device via SSH

Requirements: SSh Service started on Device, Host machine on the same network


  1. Open a shell on the host machine
  2. Enter:
  3.     $ ssh [email protected]<IP-OF-DEVICE>
  4. Enter the password (default: pwnplug8000)

Having issues with your ssh connection? See Troubleshooting.